Miss. Lulu’s Art Classes

Let me introduce you to the new art teacher in Columbus Art Council! Haha, yes I became a teacher again after my teaching in South Korea and China. Can’t be more excited!

After solving all my drivers’ license, CPT, offer and visa problem, I started my teaching in Art Council Summer Camp in June.

student's work Chloe was not really confident with drawing, usually she would be the first one shouting: ” No, I can’t do that!” But she told me that she had a sister who was a wonderful fashion designer and she was so proud of her. So I asked her if she wanted to design something herself, too. Take a look her first design! I just love it!

photography class Teaching photography with those kids can be always inspiring and fun. They are energetic, smart and always eager to learn new things. We went outside, tried to catch motion at different shutter speed. We also tried cyanotype photography. We even made a paper camera by ourselves! Time just goes too fast!

Liz is copying her Chinese nameI’m surprised by their interests in Chinese culture. They never stopped asking me write their names in Chinese, asking if Mulan is real, asking about Great Wall and schools in China…. Most time in America, I will be told or forced to listen other people’s opinions about China or Asia, most time, people believed in our own ideas and closed the door for a second thought. Sometimes, having a open mind like a kid become such a challenge. A lesson for all of us, the adults believing “I’m right”.