Beijing is in construction, everywhere it’s like that. But these all stuff give me hope to expect a better city. Like this place, they are building some old style houses near to Nan luogu Xiang(南锣鼓巷), finally I can see the government are not pull down these treasure but rebuilding them. Also like that, my home campus, China women’s university is also in building now, in 90 days, we will have a totally new studying building and canteen! Even though I will not stay here for that any longer, still happy about that. No construction without destruction.

Today Hugo and I had a long walk in Beijing Hutong, I think I will miss Hutong very much. Something really near to life, no hiding, no making up.Of course another reason is there are always some amazing but cheap,even free for students, exhibition in Beijing. I’m really thankful for my time here and absolutely enjoy it.

This is a picture drawing by Hugo, it’s my name,lulu. Thank you so much!

I will leave Beijing soon, but this city will always be one of the most important place to me.