Hot,raining summer

These days are a bit difficult for me.

I replied to CCS that I have already got my visa to USA by the I-20 from MUW. I think it might because this is the first time I tried to apply some university that really interested me, so it was so hard to say no. No matter Ewha or MUW, both are programs in my home campus. Sometimes I was too absorbed by chances near to me and totally in my fighting for them, I ignore those better ones which are not that clear and close.

I thought a lot about my education, I think I will not come back to China Women’s University for the degree after that. First, it’s not very useful for me, I have been never interested in any position in Chinese government which need that degree. Second, if I come back for that, I have to study here for one more year to finish all the course they require. But one year for me could be much better and more meaningful. I have studied here for one and half year, some course are good, but not good enough for my one year time. I could get my interdisciplinary studies degree or any other degree and than apply a much better graduate school.All I want to do is making the best use of my college time.Don’t want to spend time for things that can’t offer me enough and give myself an excuse to be proud and take a rest.

People told me, MUW is not the most exciting place, well, it must be right, but it will be my start in America. After CCS’s positive response, now I realized, I could do much more than that. I could apply to other better University all by myself, and no matter how, I can feel that my road is wider and wider.

I feel so graceful for my chance to Korea. In Ewha, I tried all courses I was interested but didn’t have change to try because of my major in home campus. I took Business Communication, Form and space, Social Psychology, International Law and Korean. I dropped International Law, which was one of my great dreams while found that I can really took some portrait that I never imagine.Because of that semester, I dare to apply an art college and send them my flickr. Jennifer from CCS helped me so much, she forward my email and told me that they liked my flickr and I should apply right away. Today I was invited to a activity about photography and shared my photos and experience behind them. It was quite good, that some people really interested in them and asked my contact.

These days I have finished my visa, and medical exams, I even found time to meet a couchsurfer from France and brought him had a big strange dinner.

But still a lot need to do, my summer holiday, full with effort, eating and sharing now. Just like this summer in Beijing, surprisingly hot and surprisingly heave and much rain.

Good thing is I enjoy this summer.


HongKong and US,I’m coming

Finally I get to my word press. In China, facebook, youtube or word press… not easy to reach to them.

from internet

These days I didn’t get real free time. Ticket to America was bought yesterday and today I went to American embassy for visa. I heard that Chinese passport for US visa is not that easy, but much easier then it used to be. But from my experience, I can only say, it’s really not a big deal.

Yes sure, it’s quite complicated, full with processes before went to embassy.But I surely enjoy my time in the embassy. My appointment with consulate official is 4pm and when I arrive, it was still 1 pm, so I went to immigration office for my visa to Hong Kong, and then in KFC for a coffee. When I go back to US embassy, people were much less. It’s quite interesting that the boy in front of me is a bit nervous so when he recorded the finger print, he made as many mistakes as he could, and it was a very good teaching channel for me. So when I did it, very fast and easy. All these processes were told online, so nothing really surprised me, I was chatting with a student who was going to transfer to University of Washington. It was his second time, he was very calm. We talked about a lot, our university, major and experience. Surprisingly, he was also interested in photography, and he took a photography class in China this summer, his home is quite near to my campus, where I was living these days.

When we finally were told to wait No.20 consulate official, there was one guy there, standing carelessly in front of the window between official. But the official said you talked with me the last time, so this time you should get to another official. Obviously, he was rejected by this one last time.The next one was the nervous boy in the same group with me. He was still nervous, talked long time with official, official was very serious and finally he said”ok,” than it was the Washington boy, experienced, before the official said anything, he greeted,” Hi, how are you?” confidently and friendly. Official asked a few questions and gave him the visa. So now it was me, I still couldn’t believe it was that easy, he barely asked me questions, only three, if the last one counts,”can you speak Korean?” I was almost laugh out, and said” yes, a little bit.” The official said,” I like Korean,too.” Well than, my visa is on its way. Less than 20 seconds, before I realized, it was over.

Before I go to America, I will go to Hong Kong with my parents, I want to travel with them at least once before I leave. While growing up, my time sharing with them becomes fewer and fewer. So I organize this travel for them, as a gift.

enjoy in Beijing

After I come back to Beijing, I started to prepare for US visa and applying another art college in Detroit after I got an offer from MUW, meet a lot of friends. I also bought a new Qipao, an old style Chinese  dress.

Something amazing happened, when I was applying CCS, the art college I was interested. I knew I need a portfolio about my photography, but Form and Space in the last semester in Ewha is my only art class so far, so I don’t have any idea about how to make a portfolio. So I send them email and asked for some advice. In the email, I also send them my flickr. When I received their email, I was with a friend in cafe. I think I will remember the time for quite a long time, Jennifer told me that she forwarded my email to other counselors, they liked my picture and all of them thought I should do it right away and no need for another portfolio now. I was so excited.Thank you Jennifer, for all you’ve done for me so far.

Yesterday my French friend Pascal flied back to France. Before he went back, my friend Sophia and I went to visit him. He and another friend Brice lived in a lovely 四合院, which means a courtyard around by rooms at four different directions. A very traditional style home building in old China. Even now there are still a lot in Hutong, small alleyway. over the courtyard, the fence post was twined by vines. They also have some bikes, we ride bike in hutong and near lakes. Enjoyed snack and drink. After packing, we sat on the roof and enjoy the wind. Their house really jealous me, what a lovely place!


Today is my last day in Korea. Since the last article one month ago, I watched baseball game the first time, get on the bus to Jeonju and Busan along, received offer from MUW, prepared visa application and finals.


To a person like me who never played baseball before, live baseball game still own enough toughing and exciting feeling.On our way, fried chicken, pizza and drink was selling everywhere. We bought fried chicken hamburgers and drinks  in McDonald’s, of course, also some gas stick to make noise.That day, two teams from Seoul and Inchon.Seoul is at home, of course it’s overwhelming.



独自旅行在韩国是很不方便的,韩国的青年旅舍或者GUESTHOUSE的房间很可能是按间订而非按床位。所以如果一个人订,即使是三人间也是一人独占,另两个床不会给其他人用,而预订的人要付三个人的费用。他们称其为private suit(私人套件)。如果几个人订这样的套件,每个人的费用算起来比个人订床位还要便宜。但这样实际上与青年旅舍的宗旨很不相符,大概也是因为这样,韩国的青旅除了首尔的几个,就只有釜山还有一个了,数量少得可怜。另一个不便是吃饭。韩式讲究共享,很多传统韩式都不供应一人份。比如大名鼎鼎的韩定食,韩式烤肉,即使是一杯韩国颇受欢迎的冰饮也是两人份一杯的。但是我向来不怎么担心这些。因为虽说是独自旅行,并不是一个人背着背包一路走一路拍拍照然后可怜巴巴地没饭吃。旅行的意义在与经历,经历的不仅是不同的风景还是不同的生活方式,还有一路上各式各样的朋友。





Hello world!

I used to have a lot of messy meaningless blogs, which means now I want some change. This blog will record my life in in my college years. I’m currently studying in Korea, Ewha womans university as an exchange student and soon I will go to US for my next two years study abroad, than I will come back to China for my last one year.

It’s pretty luck and priceless for me to have the chance studying in three different countries and these experience gave, giving and will give me countless treasure.

I want to share it! Enjoy my trip with me!




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周末和沙发客上的朋友在水原市的樱花树下野餐。认识了一个美国来的女孩anjenica,我们在巴士上聊了一路的《美食,祈祷与恋爱》。一群新朋友,世界各地,我们在水原古老的城墙边摆出各种可笑的造型,被我记录在了我的相机里。 我开始用心去体会韩国,体会我除了学习工作外的点点滴滴。




从济州岛回来,还有最后一门考试,社会心理学。算是我在考试的时候最没底的一门,因为改了很多处选项。但结果让我吃惊,我竟然得了最高分48/50。商业沟通课第二,285/300。韩语考试也是颇为顺利的高分通过。 想了想觉得前段时间的努力还是很值得的。


期中考的顺利和频繁的旅行让我有点飘飘然,于是我考虑做一次寺庙体验,既是韩国文化体验必不可少的一部分,也是趁机静下心来,找回平衡。我一直都知道自己很幸运。在周五下午我才开始订寺庙生活营的位置,打了两个寺庙的电话后才知道原来需要提前两周预订。都已经放弃了,突然接到华溪寺的电话说有一个人刚好退订,我可以在这周末过去。一连道了好几个谢后,我乐呵呵地在挂了电话去上课。同学吓唬我说“it’s not easy! they only offer very little food, and you need to clean the plate with your food, and they give you water in your bowl!(这可不轻松呢!他们只给一点点吃的,你还得用吃的把盘子擦干净了,他们把水倒在你碗里给你喝。”我不知道具体细节,但是早上四点起床,108拜等等已经让我多少能感受到不易。但我甩了甩头说“至少我去了才不会觉得遗憾。”