NYC, I’m coming!

Ha, I’m back to this blog again after my super Thanksgiving day with my friend Tiffany’s family and great trip in Memphis!


Now I’m preparing for my trip to Atlanta, NYC, Boston and Washinton D.C. ! Well, prepare in our own way. NYC is so full in their hotel, hostel and everywhere. But we are so glad we got a pretty great suite, and some awesome roommates from couchsurfering.

I have been a couchsurfer for almost two years, and it just brings me so much fun and unpredictable experience.  If you don’t know what’s couchsurfing, check it, you might get a free location to stay, some super awesome people to meet and most important,  meaningful exchanging of experience and connections with people from all around the world.

It’s so hard to get a place to stay in NYC during Christmas break especially late like us to book, but luckily we are not alone, I post in couchsurfing said I found a great suite and want to share with some people, and I found a sweet NYU girl, a Canadian chef, a photographer, and a student from China like me and my friend Louise. All of us have trouble to find a host and an affordable bed. so we share a big apartment, which has two bedrooms, a living room with two couches and a kitchen! Can’t wait to start our journey now!

Louise and I also found a coupon for  the super famous Radio City Christmas Spectacular and bought two great seat with half price. Ha, a beautiful night enjoying Radio City Music Hall. It will be great.

Thanks for my professor’s help, I got lonely planet about NYC and some near places. I know I will have another great trip in my life again.

Yeah, we are about to start! 22th, Atlanta, NY, Boston and Washinton, WE ARE COMING!


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