Hot,raining summer

These days are a bit difficult for me.

I replied to CCS that I have already got my visa to USA by the I-20 from MUW. I think it might because this is the first time I tried to apply some university that really interested me, so it was so hard to say no. No matter Ewha or MUW, both are programs in my home campus. Sometimes I was too absorbed by chances near to me and totally in my fighting for them, I ignore those better ones which are not that clear and close.

I thought a lot about my education, I think I will not come back to China Women’s University for the degree after that. First, it’s not very useful for me, I have been never interested in any position in Chinese government which need that degree. Second, if I come back for that, I have to study here for one more year to finish all the course they require. But one year for me could be much better and more meaningful. I have studied here for one and half year, some course are good, but not good enough for my one year time. I could get my interdisciplinary studies degree or any other degree and than apply a much better graduate school.All I want to do is making the best use of my college time.Don’t want to spend time for things that can’t offer me enough and give myself an excuse to be proud and take a rest.

People told me, MUW is not the most exciting place, well, it must be right, but it will be my start in America. After CCS’s positive response, now I realized, I could do much more than that. I could apply to other better University all by myself, and no matter how, I can feel that my road is wider and wider.

I feel so graceful for my chance to Korea. In Ewha, I tried all courses I was interested but didn’t have change to try because of my major in home campus. I took Business Communication, Form and space, Social Psychology, International Law and Korean. I dropped International Law, which was one of my great dreams while found that I can really took some portrait that I never imagine.Because of that semester, I dare to apply an art college and send them my flickr. Jennifer from CCS helped me so much, she forward my email and told me that they liked my flickr and I should apply right away. Today I was invited to a activity about photography and shared my photos and experience behind them. It was quite good, that some people really interested in them and asked my contact.

These days I have finished my visa, and medical exams, I even found time to meet a couchsurfer from France and brought him had a big strange dinner.

But still a lot need to do, my summer holiday, full with effort, eating and sharing now. Just like this summer in Beijing, surprisingly hot and surprisingly heave and much rain.

Good thing is I enjoy this summer.


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