HongKong and US,I’m coming

Finally I get to my word press. In China, facebook, youtube or word press… not easy to reach to them.

from internet

These days I didn’t get real free time. Ticket to America was bought yesterday and today I went to American embassy for visa. I heard that Chinese passport for US visa is not that easy, but much easier then it used to be. But from my experience, I can only say, it’s really not a big deal.

Yes sure, it’s quite complicated, full with processes before went to embassy.But I surely enjoy my time in the embassy. My appointment with consulate official is 4pm and when I arrive, it was still 1 pm, so I went to immigration office for my visa to Hong Kong, and then in KFC for a coffee. When I go back to US embassy, people were much less. It’s quite interesting that the boy in front of me is a bit nervous so when he recorded the finger print, he made as many mistakes as he could, and it was a very good teaching channel for me. So when I did it, very fast and easy. All these processes were told online, so nothing really surprised me, I was chatting with a student who was going to transfer to University of Washington. It was his second time, he was very calm. We talked about a lot, our university, major and experience. Surprisingly, he was also interested in photography, and he took a photography class in China this summer, his home is quite near to my campus, where I was living these days.

When we finally were told to wait No.20 consulate official, there was one guy there, standing carelessly in front of the window between official. But the official said you talked with me the last time, so this time you should get to another official. Obviously, he was rejected by this one last time.The next one was the nervous boy in the same group with me. He was still nervous, talked long time with official, official was very serious and finally he said”ok,” than it was the Washington boy, experienced, before the official said anything, he greeted,” Hi, how are you?” confidently and friendly. Official asked a few questions and gave him the visa. So now it was me, I still couldn’t believe it was that easy, he barely asked me questions, only three, if the last one counts,”can you speak Korean?” I was almost laugh out, and said” yes, a little bit.” The official said,” I like Korean,too.” Well than, my visa is on its way. Less than 20 seconds, before I realized, it was over.

Before I go to America, I will go to Hong Kong with my parents, I want to travel with them at least once before I leave. While growing up, my time sharing with them becomes fewer and fewer. So I organize this travel for them, as a gift.


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