enjoy in Beijing

After I come back to Beijing, I started to prepare for US visa and applying another art college in Detroit after I got an offer from MUW, meet a lot of friends. I also bought a new Qipao, an old style Chinese  dress.

Something amazing happened, when I was applying CCS, the art college I was interested. I knew I need a portfolio about my photography, but Form and Space in the last semester in Ewha is my only art class so far, so I don’t have any idea about how to make a portfolio. So I send them email and asked for some advice. In the email, I also send them my flickr. When I received their email, I was with a friend in cafe. I think I will remember the time for quite a long time, Jennifer told me that she forwarded my email to other counselors, they liked my picture and all of them thought I should do it right away and no need for another portfolio now. I was so excited.Thank you Jennifer, for all you’ve done for me so far.

Yesterday my French friend Pascal flied back to France. Before he went back, my friend Sophia and I went to visit him. He and another friend Brice lived in a lovely 四合院, which means a courtyard around by rooms at four different directions. A very traditional style home building in old China. Even now there are still a lot in Hutong, small alleyway. over the courtyard, the fence post was twined by vines. They also have some bikes, we ride bike in hutong and near lakes. Enjoyed snack and drink. After packing, we sat on the roof and enjoy the wind. Their house really jealous me, what a lovely place!


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